Diginate Sticker and Poster Print API

Sell stickers, posters and art prints through your own store or application via the Diginate API.

  • Access the entire Diginate product catalogue

  • Access live pricing and product information

  • White label fulfillment

  • Worldwide shipping

  • Partner discounts

Using the Diginate API resellers can access live pricing and product information, send orders directly to print, and access tracking/delivery information. Designed for entrepreneurs, our API offers infinite customisation possibilities. Whether you're building a sticker store, or offer a smaller range of products geared towards your niche the Diginate API is a stress-free method of print ordering and fulfilment.

As the Diginate API is designed for trade only we are able to offer discounts according to usage.

Our API can be used for the print and fulfilment of vinyl stickers, metallic stickers, window and static cling stickers, posters, art prints and framed prints. If you have a specific print product that you would like to dropship that doesn't fit within our standard catalogue get in touch, we're always happy to talk.

To discuss the Diginate API further and request an API key please get in touch or send us an email at sales@diginate.com.